Discover how It's Possible to write a screenplay in 3 days

even if you don't believe hollywood will pick up your script

Write a Screenplay In 3 Days

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That's Less Than a Big Mac Meal

What You'll Discover In The Next 3 Days

  • How to Re-ignite your passion for telling stories
  • The necessary tools to get your scripts Hollywood ready
  • ​Prove your scripts are worthy of Hollywood
  • ​The ability to put ideas onto paper in lightning fast time
  • ​Put out content that can be picked up and published 
  • ​Shortcuts to having a bullet proof script framework

The 6 Simple Elements For a
 Successful Screenplay





Heroes Journey


A Proffesional Screenwriter

Is An Amateur Who


                                                                                      - E W Helmick

Eric on Set of "Take your Dream"

In 2016, American firefighters Eric Helmick and his two sons, Hunter and Tuck - took on the challenge of swimming Australia's longest river, the River Murray, a total distance of over 2400 km to inspire the youth of Australia. Their journey began in the Snowy Mountains and ended 120 days later in South Australia and the Southern Ocean. They called themselves Team Help. Their journey was not just a personal challenge. Though the team had experience as certified swift water rescue swimmers, both Eric and Hunter were not endurance swimmers prior to the swim. They simply wanted to do something that would capture people's attention and in so doing, were able to find opportunities to meet with youth along their journey. The goal was simple. Do something epic to inspire people. Inspiration brings hope. Hope brings transformation. As the team met with youth and schools along their journey, they were able to share their hearts and encourage others to believe in themselves. No one will make ...


  • Full Access To The 6 Elements of Screenwriting (Value $97)
  • Special Offer To (Write a Screenplay in 3 Days (Value $697)
  • ​​Access To (Your OWN screenplay coverage! (Value $199)
  •  ShortCut your Way to Success by following what Eric has Learned the Hard Way (Priceless)
  • ​Discover how to Publish Fast 
  • ​Shortcuts to having a bullet proof script framework


Here are just a Few Of Eric's ScreenWriting and Directing Awards

Want Proof- Here are only 
Some of Erics Awards


How Long Do i Have Access

Elements of How to Write a Screenplay in 3 Days will be available to you for 7 days. However, you will have unlimited access to the members area and can always request that your course access be extended.

What if i Take Longer than 3 Days

You will...But wait, I thought you said I could write a screenplay in 3 days?  You can! But if you sign up for the full 3 day course, you first have to take the course which is followed by a Q&A on the fourth day. After you finish the course and Q&A, you will then be prepared to write your screenplay in 3 days!

Do you Work 1 on 1 !


You can request 1 on 1 coaching in the members area. I love to work with writers one on one preparing your scripts for Hollywood. 

What Do i Have to Bring ?

Access the course from a computer or phone.
It's awesome if you already know what you want to write about and have an idea of who your characters are. But I'm going to cover everything in detail, so if this is your first time writing...I'll provide everything you need to create an award winning script!

Is this Live Online ?

The Full Course, Write a Screenplay in 3 Days is a LIVE event!
You can watch from your computer or phone.
I suggest the computer so you have quick and easy access to the handouts.
Elements of How to Write a Screenplay in 3 Days is a pre-recorded event online.

What if I Cannot Do it ?

You Can Do It!
I'm going to give you all the tools you need to create believable dialogue, scenes and characters and bring them all to life in your screenplay. It's going to take some effort on your part, but this is your chance to let the creative juices flow! I can't wait to see what you produce!


There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start ScreenWriting. The World Recently Reset, And ScreenWriters All Over the World Are Now In Play

WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU ENROLL in the $7 initial offer:

1. inside look at the life of a screenwriter
2. the highs - the lows - the thrill of screenwriting
3. discover your passion, and why you want to write
4. tales from the script...real life examples of how to sell your screenplay
5. Industry insights into the world of Hollywood
6. Access to Write a Screenplay in 3 Days
7. Access to individual full script coverage of your screenplay. Only available here.
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